Private Markets are the backbone of our economy. Startups by new entrepreneurs are spurting every day. They have brought technological, social, infrastructural development to our country.

“We surveyed a small group of founders about the challenges faced by them where 80% said it was funding, funding, and funding,” declares Shanti…

This article is based on the research paper published in the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, by author Robert A Baron. The paper is titled BEHAVIORAL AND COGNITIVE FACTORS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP: ENTREPRENEURS AS THE ACTIVE ELEMENT IN NEW VENTURE CREATION.

Entrepreneurs are persons who take action-they engage in vigorous, persistent efforts to…

In the next edition of the “In Conversation With…” series, we are bringing you the inspiring journey of a serial entrepreneur.

Meet Ms Pooja Goyal, Co-Founder and COO of an Ed-Tech Startup, Avishkaar.

Pooja — The Early Years

Pooja Goyal is a chemical engineering graduate from IIT Delhi and holds…

Shakti-The Empathy Project

Shakti-The Empathy Project or STEP is an incubation program for women-led early-stage startups creating social impact.

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